Reliability of Alternative Lead-free Solder Materials

Part 2: Mechanical Shock Reliability

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This webinar is a dissemination activity of the INPROVOL project funded by Vlaio.


Since the ban on lead in solder set by the RoHS directive mid 2006, SnAgCu has replaced eutectic SnPb as the lead-free solder industry standard. SnAgCu has a number of disadvantages compared to SnPb such as a higher melting point, reduced ductility and higher cost. To address these disadvantages, alternative alloys are investigated and marketed.

The first part of this webinar was held on March the 1st in 2018, as webinar 8. In Webinar 8 an overview of the alternative alloys and their reliability under thermal cycling conditions was presented.

In this second webinar on alternative solder alloys, their resistance to mechanical shock will be discussed.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - 10:00

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