Handling Electro-Magnetic Compatibility, Signal and Power integrity at Board Level: The “Black Magic” explained


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The basic principles behind Signal Integrity (SI), Power Integrity (PI) and especially Electro-Magnetic compatibility (EMC) are often not well known. Achieving well SI, PI and EMC designed electronics are, therefore, often seen as “Black Magic”. However, appropriate SI, PI and EMC design methodology results in efficient and cost-effective solutions within the proposed time- and cost budget of the design project. The collaboration between cEDM and KU Leuven Technology Campus Ostend has resulted in a set of practical, hands-on SI, PI and EMC design guidelines which will be made available and explained to the participants.

Davy Pissoort, KU Leuven Technology Campus Ostend, presents the basic physical principles behind the EMC design rules at Board level. These essential EMC guidelines allow to make adequate choices early in the design process.

Ronny Deseine, Barco, gives an overview of the systematic Design-for-EMC process within Barco. All the elements that influence the time and effort needed to reach EMC compliance are gathered, organized and presented to the design project team. This leads to transparent communication in every design phase.

Bart Boesman, KU Leuven Technology Campus Ostend, presents a general workflow to obtain adequate Signal and Power Integrity on a Printed Board Assembly (PBA) .

Filip Demuynck, Keysight Technologies, gives a brief overview of EDA tools for SI and PI analysis. He illustrates how these tools provide guidance to mitigate issues by adjusting the design. 

Workshop 21


Members and partners can download the presentations of workshop 21 here.

Friday, March 20, 2015
  • 13h30 Doors open
  • 14h00 Welcome
  • 14h10 The EMC Guideline Explained (Davy Pissoort, KU Leuven)
  • 14h40 Design for EMC in Barco (Ronny Deseine, Barco)
  • 15h10 Pauze
  • 15h30 The SI and PI Guidelines Explained (Bart Boesman, KU Leuven)
  • 16h00 EDA Tools for Signal and Power Integrity Analysis (Filip Demuynck, Keysight Technologies)
  • 16h30 Q & A – discussion
  • 16h45 Networking
  • 18h00 Closure

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KU Leuven Technology Campus Ostend, Zeedijk 101, Ostend, Belgium
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  • cEDM Member: free
  • cEDM Partner: free
  • Others: € 150 (guidelines included)