Physics-of-Failure based Reliability-by-Design


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The Internet-of-Things, electronics everywhere, self-driving cars, body-area-networks monitoring your health, etc. The reliability of these systems is crucial. Therefore, the focus of the Center of Electronics Design & Manufacturing for the coming years will be on electronics reliability supported by the new IWT VIS-traject InProVol “Intelligente Producten met Voorspelbare Levensduur ”.

The industry is facing major reliability challenges. Increasing electronics complexity means more opportunities to fail and, therefore, intrinsically a lower reliability. Additionally, new materials were introduced in electronics the past decade: lead-free solder, lead-free soldering compatible PCB laminates, new plastic mold compounds for IC’s and halogen-free materials to name a few. These material innovations significantly change the way electronics fail under operational stress. As a consequence, experience based extrapolation of accelerated test results– the traditional lifetime prediction approach – can no longer be used.

How can we guarantee reliability if we cannot rely on historical data?
The answer lies in a paradigm shift: from experience based extrapolation of accelerated test results to Physics-of-Failure based prediction and Reliability-by-Design. This concept as well as how this can be practically implemented will be explained by Geert Willems.

Bert Dexters of Flanders Make, a cEDM partner, will discuss the role of design for reliability in automotive product development with respect to safety and the need for innovation of the methodology.

Bart Vandevelde of imec will illustrate the Physics-of-Failure approach with some practical cases.

Finally, Vital Driesen and Tim Gaens of Jabil will give a presentation entitled “Proven activation energy in accelerated lifetime test”.

 Workshop 22


Members and partners can download the presentations of workshop 22 here.

Friday, May 22, 2015
  • 13h30 Doors open
  • 14h00 Welcome
  • 14h10 Physics-of-Failure based Reliability-by-Design (Geert Willems, imec)
  • 14h40 Design for Reliability in automotive (Bert Dexters, Flanders Make)
  • 15h10 Coffee break
  • 15h30 Physics-of-Failure in practice (Bart Vandevelde, imec)
  • 16h00 Proven activation energy in accelerated lifetime test (Vital Driesen / Tim Gaens, Jabil)
  • 16h30 Q&A – discussion
  • 16h45 Networking
  • 18h30 Closure

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