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Flexible substrates have found their way into a wide range of applications, even if we are not always aware of it. With the benefits of adaptability to 3D shapes, multiple bendability, compact design and weight reduction comes the complexity of the design and manufacturing of flexible electronics.

These benefits have led to an increased demand in flex and flex-rigid PCBs. Joachim Verhegge of PCB manufacturer ACB explains the specifics of flex and flex-rigid substrate design and manufacturing.

Flex substrates provides the advantage of reducing the amount of cables and connectors combined with the integration of electronic components. The presentation of Daniel Thommen of Microdul gives an overview and examples of SMT and Chip-On-Board assembly processes on flexible substrates and its challenges.

Wim Christiaens of Quad will introduce us – among others - to membrane switch technology and innovative printed sensor solutions. He will show promising applications for printed electronics such as smart automotive surfaces and electronic medical patches.

Frederick Bossuyt of CMST will give an overview of the developments on stretchable electronics. On one hand, elastically deformable circuits suitable for wearable applications and on the other hand one-time deformable electronic circuits opening new possibilities for user interfaces, lighting, etc.

 Workshop 29

  •  Presentation1: Advantages and challenges of flex-rigid PCB technology
  •  Presentation2: Challenges in design and assembly using flex substrates
  •  Presentation3: Challenges and opportunities in printed electronics manufacturing
  •  Presentation4: Stretchable circuits
Wednesday, May 23, 2018
  • 08h00 Welcome @ ITF
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  • 13:10 Lunch & Demo Exhibition
  • 14h30 Start Workshop 29
    • Introduction
    • Advantages and challenges of flex-rigid PCB Technology
      Joachim Verhegge, CPO - ACB
    • Assembly Challenges using Flex Substrates.
      Daniel Thommen, Head Module Development – Microdul AG, Switzerland
    • Challenges and opportunities in printed electronics manufacturing
      Wim Christiaens, R&D Director – Quad Industries
    • Stretchable circuits
      Frederick Bossuyt, teamleader – CMST imec/uGent
  • 16h45 Break & Visit Demo Exhibition
  • 18h00 Closure

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Maximum 80 participants.

Flanders Meeting & Convention Center, Koningin Astridplein 22, 2018 Antwerpen
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