PCB Technology Seminar


This seminar is there for all who need a basic knowledge of Printed Circuit Board technology, specifically managers and engineers involved in design, industrialisation, qualification, purchasing, quality control, etc., of electronics.


The “Smart” in “Smart Products” – whatever these products do – is based on electronics. Electronics is everywhere. This seminar provides basic insight in the technology and production processes of a key part of all electronics: the Printed Circuit Board that connects the electronic components in an electronic assembly. To understand the relationship between cost, quality and reliability of electronics, it is mandatory to have a basic understanding of the capabilities and the limitations of the PCB technology as well as the factors that drive cost and quality. This seminar provides a basic step towards this understanding.

Friday, June 21, 2019
  • Reception13h00 – Start 13h15
  • Welcome at ACB by Joachim Verhegge (ACB)
    A short presentation of ACB.
  • PCB technology basics by Joachim Verhegge (ACB)
    Introduction to PCB manufacturing technology discussing the basic materials and PCB manufacturing processes:lithography, etching, lamination, drilling, plating, solder mask deposition, finishing, inspection. Theprocess sequence for multilayer PCB’s is explained.
  • Overview of advanced PCB technology by Joachim Verhegge (ACB)
    Overview of advanced PCB technologies for high complexity, high-density interconnect and flexible PCBs.
  • Factory tour
    Extensive tour of ACB’s factory facilities.
  • End: around 16h30

Max. 20 participants. Not open to employees of PCB manufacturers or distributors. (All seats taken.)

Imec is een dienstenleverancier voor opleiding onder “kmo-portefeuille” : goedkeuringsnummer DV.O108298.

ACB, Vosmeer 3, Dendermonde
Participation fee: 

EDM Partners: 50 €
EDM Members: 75 €
Non-members: 100 € 

Prices excl. TVA