Reflow Profile Calculator

The 'Reflow Profile' calculator is now available in our Calculators section.

It supports the following applications that are related to convective reflow soldering of electronic assemblies:

  • Offline reflow profile optimization for a specific PBA and reflow oven, based on a single reflow profile measurement.
  • Offline reflow profile prediction based on reflow profiles obtained on a different PBA and/or in a different reflow oven.
  • Offline reflow profile prediction for a specific PBA and reflow oven, based on the Bill-of-Material and PCB build-up of the PBA and the oven heating characteristics.
  • Convective heat transfer characterization of reflow ovens.

The tool uses the thermal capacity and conductivity of components and the PCB as well as the convective heat transfer coefficient of the oven to determine the solder joint temperature obtained during the reflow process. Default values and weight-based estimations for these parameters are provided in the tool.

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