RoHS Service provision

RoHS Service

The RoHS service can carry out company specific studies and projects. They will be performed by cEDM experts, supplemented by third party expertise if necessary. The price setting will happen based on an quotation made after examination of the question.

The RoHS service aims at providing complete support to the company.

  • Interpretation of the directive
  • Leadfree soldering
  • Component and substrate specifications
  • Product specific design issues
  • Quality specifications and test procedures
  • Defining, selecting and evaluating machines
  • Solder alloys and solder materials
  • Porcess issues, process control and quality
  • Logistacal organisation
  • After-sales service
  • Alternatives for hexavalent chromium


Rohs Analysis

Apart from the general RoHS service provision, a specialised service is offered, intended for the evaluation of products for the presence of restricted substances, the RoHS compliancy of products and the quality evaluation of leadfree soldered products. This analysis service can also be used for quality and reliability evaluation and failure analysis of electronic products in general.

  • X-Ray
  • Scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM)
  • REM-EDX-EBSD microstructure analysis
  • X-Ray fluorescence (XRF)
  • AAS, CP-OES, Gas chromatography / mass spectrometry (ppm / ppb level)
  • Cr6+ determination
  • FT-IR, FT-Raman: spectroscopy for organic contamination


Examples of services provided

  • Counceling an SME in electronics assembly subcontracting with the introduction of leadfree soldering.
  • Company specific guidance on RoHS implemantation for OEMs, both SME and large companies.
  • Electronics assembly specifications and guided RoHS and leadfree production audits of electronics assembly plants .
  • Studying deformation of components during leadfree soldering.
  • Studying fatigue of leadfree solderjoints of specific electronic components.
  • Evaluation of leadfree soldered Printed Board Assemblies (PBA): optical, x-ray, ...
  • Evaluation of components with regard to RoHS compliancy: presence of Pb, Pb in accepted exceptions, Cr6+.
  • Innovation and developing a test automation strategy for SME OEM.
  • Company dedicated training sessions on RoHS and leadfree product design and production.

Subsidy channels

Under certain circumstances additional subsidization from the IWT is possible for studies or projects. The innovative character and the knowledge transfer from imec is essential. The RoHS service will assist in the application.