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This webinar is a dissemination activity of the INPROVOL project funded by Vlaio.

Virtual Testing of Thermal-Mechanical Reliability of Electronic Systems


Before electronic systems can be brought on the market, they must fulfill qualification tests according to international standards and customer specified test programs. Thermal and mechanical environmental loadings are major causes for electronic system failures that also appear during these qualification testing. It is obvious that any failure after such a test is very expensive in terms of time and cost. Performing virtual testing in a simulation environment allows to find possible weak spots in the system already in early phase of the development when adaptations can be made easily. In this webinar, we will show several examples how simulations are used to virtually test the electronic systems from the thermal and mechanical point of view.

Presented by: Bart Vandevelde (imec)

Thursday, April 6, 2017 - 10:00
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Free of charge, but registration is required.