Publications 2016

  • GENEES Guideline (October 2016)
    icon-pdf Guideline: Best Practices for Electronics in Medical Devices (V1.3)
  • International Conference on Electronics Packaging (ICEP) 2016 (April 2016)
    icon-pdf Publication: How the mold compound thermal expansion overrules the solder composition choice in board level reliability performance
  • Eurosime (IEEE) conference 2016 (April 2016)
    icon-pdf Publication: Four-point bending cycling as alternative for Thermal cycling solder fatigue testing
  • SPM Magazine (March 2016)
    icon-pdf Publication: Center for Electronics Design & Manufacturing

Publications 2015

  • Eurosime (IEEE) conference 2015 (April 2015)
    icon-pdf Publication: Impact of Solder-Joint Tilting on the Reliability of LED-based PCB Assemblies: A Combined Experimental and FEM Analysis

Publications 2014

  • Going Green CARE Innovation 2014 (November 2014)
    icon-pdf Publication: Material Identification in Electronics
  • ESA 5th electronic materials, processes and packaging for space workshop (May 2014)
    icon-pdf Publication: Reduced 2nd level solder joint life time of low-CTE mold compound packages
  • Eurosime (IEEE) conference 2014 (April 2014)
    icon-pdf Publication: Hidden Head-in-Pillow soldering failures
  • Global SMT & Packaging (April 2014)
    icon-pdf Publication: New brittle fracture test reveals importance of choosing the right board finish

Publications 2013

  • EDN Network website (November 2013)
     Article: Strategies for Recycling Electronic Devices — Europe leads again
  • imec e-newsletter (September 2013)
     Article: Efficient recycling of electronics
  • EMPC (IMAPS) Conference (September 2013)
    icon-pdf Publication: Impact of pad finish on mechanical shock resistance of lead-free solder joints tested under shear and in pull mode
  • EMC Europe (September 2013)
    icon-pdf Publication: Modeling the Low- and High-Frequency Impedance of Thermal Reliefs

Publications 2012

  • ESTC Conference (September 2012)
    icon-pdf Publication: Early fatigue failures in Copper wire bonds inside packages with low CTE Green Mold Compounds

Publications 2011

  • EPTC Conference (December 2011)
    icon-pdf Publication: Green Mould Compounds: Impact on Second Level Interconnect Reliability
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    icon-ie Article: Chip Design website
    icon-ie Article: Printed Circuit Design & Fab website
    icon-ie Article: PCB Circuit Boards website

Publications 2010

  • Global SMT & Packaging (September 2010)
    icon-pdf Publication: Predicting PCB delamination in lead-free assembly

RoHS Service

  • RoHS Service Brochure
    icon-pdf De RoHS-richtlijn: een antwoord op uw vragen (NL)
    icon-pdf La directive RoHS: une réponse à vos questions (FR)
    icon-pdf The RoHS directive: an answer to your questions (EN)
  • Interconnect 24 (July 2007)
    icon-pdf Publication: RoHS: De controles (NL)
  • Interconnect 22 (October 2006)
    icon-pdf Publication: RoHS-richtlijn Wetgeving maakt investeringen onzeker (NL)
  • Interconnect 21 (June 2006)
    icon-pdf Publication: Het RoHS-zakwoordenboek: gratis handleiding voor problemen met loodvrij (NL)
  • Industrie Technisch Management (June 2006)
    icon-pdf Publication: Vrijwillig loodvrij produceren (NL)
  • Industrie Technisch Management (May 2006)
    icon-pdf Publication: Loodvrij solderen, erger dan de Y2K problematiek (NL)
  • Interconnect 20 (February 2006)
    icon-pdf Publication: Loodvrij: het management moet mee (NL)
  • Interconnect 19 (October 2005)
    icon-pdf Publication: Aanspreekpunt Loodvrij Solderen (NL)