Electronic Assembly Technology

Training goes online!


Due to the on-going Corona pandemic no live participation by non-imec employees to training sessions and seminars at imec is allowed. Online participation is possible through live streaming and MS Teams interaction session.

About the course

The course gives an introduction to the design and manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and the assembly of components and PCB into an Electronic Assembly or Printed Board Assembly (PBA). The PBA is the generic building block of electronic products and systems. The course also provides the basics of electronics’ quantified quality, reliability and Design-for-Reliability. The training closes with a short introduction to predictive product development based on quality and reliability physics.

Course Objectives
- Basics of PCB Technology, manufacturing and Design-for-Manufacturing
- Basics of PBA Technology, assembly and Design-for-Assembly
- Basics of PBA quality, reliability and Design-for-Reliability
- Introduction to predictive product development

Who should attend
All that may benefit from a basic knowledge of electronics design, manufacturing, quality and reliability of electronic assemblies.


Lecturer: Geert Willems, Ph.D., imec
Presentation: video streaming
Interaction: MS Teams parallel session
imec employees can participate on-site (max. 20)

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

9h30   Printed Circuits Board Technology, manufacturing, cost drivers and specification

11h00 Break

11h15  Printed Circuits Board Design-for-Manufacturing
            Printed Board Assembly Technology: components, soldering and processes

12h45 Lunch

13h30 Printed Board Assembly Design-for-Assembly
           Quantified Quality Physics of PBA

15h00 Break

15h15 Basics of PBA reliability and Design-for-Reliability
           Introduction to predictive product developmen
16h45 Q&A – wrap-up

17h00  End


Link for course registration at imec academy.

For imec employees: use this link.

imec Tower, Training room 1A

Video link and MS Teams invitation provided after registration.

Participation fee: 

The registration fee for this on-line course is 450,00 EUR, exclusive of VAT.
EDM Forum members receive a discount of 100,00 EUR that will be deducted from the invoice. 
imec employees can attend the course for free and live.