Accelerate and strengthen your idea for a smart product


Webinar 25 January 2021 - 13:00-15:45


Do you have an idea for a smart product, but get stuck in matters of business, technology and organisation? Or do you want to take a step towards smart products and just don't know where to start? In this webinar companies talk about their search for a well-founded smart product idea and we tell you what tools we develop to support your company in that search.

Smart products and IoT can no longer be ignored for those who build physical products today: the technological possibilities and market opportunities are evolving rapidly. Timely action is therefore important, but before you start building, you want to know what your solution consists of, what value it offers to your customer, what technology and expertise you need to achieve this and whether it is all feasible. For many companies, the many options and uncertainties have a paralyzing effect. 


With this webinar Sirris and Imec want to inform product builders about the tools we develop for companies to get to a better idea for a smart product faster. We also let companies speak about their innovations in smart products. These already show that smart products and IoT are no longer just the playing field of technology giants and large companies, but that SMEs can also seize opportunities.

For whom?
- Product builders investigating what smart product they want to bring to the market. These can be established companies or start-ups, and it may either involve making an existing product smarter or building a completely new smart product.
- Anyone within the company who has a leading role in the exploration of new products (business leaders, product/innovation/R&D managers,...)


Workshop language is English.

This webinar is part of the COOCK project 'Orienting and deciding in smart product exploration'. More information about this project can be found on the project page

Monday, January 25, 2021

What does smart product exploration mean for companies?
- Presentation by Gilbos (Textile machines)
- Presentation by Shayp (Water monitoring system)

Challenges in smart product exploration

Tools for orientation and decision making
- Product strategy & Market fit
- Maturity & Feasibility
- Proofs-of-concept

What is next for your company?

Immediately after the webinar, it will be possible to exchange ideas 1-on-1 with the project team. You can express your interest via the registration form.


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Webinar - Accelerate and strengthen your idea for a smart product | Sirris

Participation fee: 

Participation in this webinar is free. You need to register in advance.