Design-for-Assembly & Design-for-Test: The EDM-D-004 & EDM-D-007 Guideline explained


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Low cost, high quality manufacturing demands a proper design. Placement of components need to be aligned with assembly process flow, capability and equipment. This workshop presents the EDM-D-004: Design-for-Assembly guideline. The guideline provides general requirements and recommendations regarding Design-for-Assembly of printed boards. It treats automated board handling, PBA type selection, component placement, compatibility with different assembly process steps and flow, and more.

Our guest Prodrive will explain how good design-assembly matching impacts cost, quality and yield, and leads to cost effective manufacturing solutions at our doorsteps.

Due to the complexity of PBA and the reality of defect occurrence production test is crucial for high quality PBA delivery. The EDM-D-007: Quality and Test Coverage Quantification - Design-for-Test guideline provides the user with a methodology to quantify the quality of a PBA as well as a correct method to quantify the test coverage of production tests. These methodologies are implemented in our PBA simulation tool Pred-X. The use and capabilities of this tool will be presented.

 Workshop 19


Members and partners can download the presentations of workshop 19 here.

Friday, May 9, 2014
  • 13h30  Doors open
  • 14h00  Welcome (Filip Ponsaerts, imec services cEDM)
  • 14h10  Design-for-Assembly: The EDM-D-004 Guideline (Geert Willems, imec services cEDM)
  • 14h40  Good design to assembly matching leads to cost effective solutions (Justin Harwig, Prodrive)
  • 15h10  Design-for-Test: The EDM-D-007 Guideline (Boris Leekens, imec services cEDM)
  • 15h40  PBA simulation tool Pred-X: capabilities and use (Wesley Van Meensel - imec services cEDM)
  • 16h00  Q & A – discussion
  • 16h30  Networking
  • 18h30  Closure 

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imec, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Heverlee
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  • cEDM Member: free
  • cEDM Partner: free
  • Others: € 80