EDM Forum Workshop #33 - 18 May 2021

Electronics Cooling and Interconnect Technologies

for Vehicle Computers


High-Performance CPU/GPU processors are required for self-driving cars to perform vision processing, object recognition and interaction with intelligent traffic systems in real-time and reliable for 15 years.

A consortium of Belgian, Dutch and German companies and research organisations with expertise along the entire automotive value chain, intends to meet the challenges to develop high performance electronic systems that can withstand the harsh vehicle conditions. This is realised through innovations in integrated circuit design, manufacturing and packaging to create automotive grade solutions in three key areas: computation, communication and integration.

The three Flemish partners (Materialise, Interflux Electronics & imec) provides advanced and reliable liquid cooling solutions to enable the required high heat dissipation (300W). Additionally, the solderability of very large BGA processor components is improved with the introduction of low melting point soldering technology. These key innovations will be presented in this virtual workshop.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

14h00   HIPER: Introduction to collaborative research project on High Performance Vehicle Processors
             Bart Vandevelde – imec

14h20   Advanced 3D printing solutions for advanced processor cooling
             Part A: 3D printing technology
                         Willem Verleysen - Materialise
             Part B: Simulation and characterisation of cooling performance of 3D printed heat sinks
                         Majid Nazemi – Materialise & Antonio Pappaterra – imec)

15h10    Low melting point solder technology for advanced processor components
              Ralph Lauwaert – Interflux Electronics

15h40    Final comments & questions

15h50    End


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